About us

Tan-dem is a premium lifestyle public relations agency that has specialized in creative media and public relations for more than fifteen years

Our experience with internationally renowned brands and thorough understanding of the lifestyle business will ensure the success of your press and communication operations in the benelux region and Switzerland

Our domains of expertise include traditional and new media relations
( media consultancy, strategies and action plans ), public relations including product placement, celebrity endorsement and artist partnerships, event planning ( store openings, product launches, confidential dinners, co-branding events… ) and publishing
( press materials, invitations, special editions…)

Our mission

Ideally located in the european capital and with a network of associate agencies, we strive to provide our clients with personalised and results-oriented communications support which will allow them to reach their goals. We believe that two are stronger than one and work in tan-dem with our clients, hence our name and credo built on the power of partnership

Our approach

Tan-dem favours a qualitative, cross-disciplinary and above all personalised approach. we refrain from standardised options, instead embracing challenge and setting our sights high in order to develop elegant, creative and well-thought out ideas that are tailored to the needs of our clients

Our know-how

Specialised in the lifestyle spectrum ranging from art, beauty, design and fashion to gastronomy, spirits and travel, tan-dem has built its reputation on over a decade of collaborations with some of the world’s major brands, drawing on this savoir-faire, we are able to guarantee the specific tailor-made communications support that will boost the exposure and recognition of your brand

We have learnt and continue to learn from our clients and consider them as one of the sources of our expertise. Our know-how can be subdivided into four main areas of works : media relations, public relations, event planning and publishing


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